Stila Custom Color Blush


I want this baby sooo bad. Actually, the last time I was at Ulta, I had a coupon so of course I had pre-determined I MUST get something- and when I saw this blush, I knew I had to have it! Sadly, the only one left was the sample one, so I had to get the Stila Smudge Pot in black, which turned out to be a win! But, now I’m left drooling over this blush. Some of you are probably like, “uh what? that is clown makeup!” But no! It’s awesome and here’s why, according to Sephora:

“This perceptive, one-shade-fits-all powder blush reacts to skin-tone and individual pH to create a perfect, personalized shade. Ultra-blendable, with a velvety-soft finish, this clever powder smoothes the appearance of fine lines, leaving the skin with a natural glow and a luminous, flawless flush.”

I’m such a sucker for this kind of stuff! Plus, if you check out the reviews on Sephora, 191 people gave it an average of 4.5/5 stars! Uh, that must mean it’s awesome!

So this is definitely on my “to buy” list. What’s on yours? 🙂


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