Banana Cupcakes


Today I randomly decided I was going to start blogging again. Coincidentally, I also decided to do something with my over-ripe bananas. As I’ve been making banana bread like crazy lately… I thought I’d try something different today. Banana cupcakes it is! One of my favorite things to do is look at what ingredients I have in my cupboards and try to make something that requires only what I have. I like to do this partially because I’m too lazy to go to the store, and partially because it’s so thrilling. Yes, thrilling. I used this Banana Cupcake recipe that I found on Pinterest.


These were actually pretty simple to make and ended up being quite tasty. I did want to mention a few alterations I made though. The recipe… like most baking recipes, called for vanilla, but of course we’re out of vanilla. After a quick google search I found out that one could substitute maple syrup for vanilla, a one to one swap! Did you know that? Am I the last to know about this sorcery?

I also used brown sugar instead of regular sugar… because we were out of sugar you ask? No. Because brown sugar is superior. I also did not add the suggested cinnamon into the frosting. Why? Because the husband does not love cinnamon… if you know what I mean. I thought cinnamon being in the cupcake recipe would be enough for his delicate tastes.


As I had never considered making banana cupcakes before… I must ask, what is your favorite recipe for ripe bananas? Aside from banana bread of course? Let me know!


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