Fashion Finds

Lately I have been finding some really good deals and thought I would share them! 

First of all, Gap is having a serious sale right now! An additional %40 off of sale items. SCORE! I picked up some clothes but was definitely most excited about the new shoes I picked up.


I picked up two pairs of the “favorite flip flops” in bright pink and periwinkle, which were on sale for $15 and then of course were an additional %40 off! Then I picked up a pair of these eye-lit balllet flats in nude which were on sale for $24 with an extra %40 off of that! I was pretty pleased! 

Next, I went to store I hadn’t stepped foot in since high school, American Eagle. There were some super cute things on sale, however, I was most intrigued by the adorable jewelry! I picked up these XO earrings which came with two sets of X’s and two sets of O’s. I decided to mix and match and am currently wearing a pair! These would be super cute if you had double ear piercings in your ears!


American Eagle was having a sale on jewelry which was also %40 off at the time! 🙂 

Recently, I also hit up H&M. Amazingly enough, I never really find anything I absolutely must have when I stop in. But this time the sale section of accessories was crazy! They were having buy 2 get 1 free, as well as just already ridiculously cheap prices. I have been loving pops of neon, so I decided to pick up this neon and faux diamond necklace.


Similar necklace found here.

Yesterday, one of my best friends came down for a girl’s day filled with shopping and pedicures. We hit up Ann Taylor Loft and were very pleased to see that their sunglasses were on sale 2 pairs for $25… considering one pair is usually $24, it’s practically buy one get one free! I do not by any means have a face for sunglasses… it’s rare that I find a pair I really like on myself. So when I do, I have to scoop them up! I was just happy to see such a great sale!


Lastly, recently I went to my friend’s bachelorette party and her sister had accidentally bought an iPhone 5 case for her iPhone 4s from J. Crew. She offered it to me and of course I couldn’t turn it down! A free iPhone case! I love this paisley print, and noticed last time I hit up J. Crew that it was on sale for about $10! Can’t beat that!


What are some of your favorite fashion finds for summer?



Recent Favorites.

I love finding products that I can’t get enough of. Here are some products that I’ve been loving lately:


NYC’s Applelicious Glossy Lip Balm…. omg. That’s all I can say. These are AMAZING. All of the colors are super flattering and super sheer. Not to mention the smell is INSANE. Do yourself a favor and go buy at least 5 of these… at $2 per tube how can you not? 


Every summer Estee Lauder comes out with a variation of this Bronze Goddess fragrance. Which always lures me in, but I never have broke down and purchased it. This year after spritzing some of the body oil on while shopping at Nordstrom I realized I just couldn’t live without it. It smells amazing, literally smells like summer! I have been wearing it everyday! I decided to get the body oil rather than the fragrance because I found the staying power of the body oil to be a lot stronger than the fragrance. 


In my town we have a Charming Charlie. If you have never been to a Charming Charlie you are seriously missing out. I always tell people that it is a lot like Forever 21 accessories (except slightly higher quality, I think) and roughly the same price. These are some bracelets I’ve picked up from there since the store opened last year. I love, love, love them! Even if I’m not wearing them I love looking at them on my table. 



I found this Kate Spade pouch at Nordstrom Rack on clearance and instantly fell in love. The color is amazing and it fits credit cards just perfectly. i knew it had to be mine! I didn’t expect to love having such a small wallet, but I have really been loving that. It makes it so easy to change purses day to day. I just grab this small pouch that houses my cards and I.D. and I’m good to go! 

So there you have it! My latest obsessions! What are yours?


a touch of fall

I love everything fall lately! Fall is my absolute favorite season ever! I love the candles, I love the holidays, I love the weather, I love the clothing that we are finally able to wear! Everything about fall is amazing! So of course I love taking advantage of decorating for fall any time I can, and when I saw these string lights at Target on clearance, I knew I had to have them!

For now, I put them in front of our TV in our bedroom… until I can get a short extension cord and find them a more permanent placement! 🙂

Kathryn Spa-day.

Sorry for the delay in posts guys… (guys meaning the two of you who still read this blog). As some of you know, last week I started graduate school and things have been real people!! It’s been super fun- but I definitely have been so crazy busy. My goal for this blog while I’m in school is to post at least once a week. MAYBE twice… ugh, I know!

Anyway, recently I turned 23! Woo hoo! Can you believe? This lady is getting old… I can see the wrinkles already! Anyway… I have an obsession with bags… and my dear sweet boyfriend indulges this obsession on various occasions. Anyone remember Mr. Vuitton? Or my Chanei? Side note… I realize that I take pictures a lot on my bed spread… honestly guys… it’s the best light in the house. Don’t hate me! Anyway, for my birthday I received a Kate Spade New Bond Street Florence bag in the color Coral! I am so excited guys! I seriously can’t contain myself. Lets take a look shall we??

 There she is.. in all her glory. Tristan calls her Kathryn Spa-day- hence the title.

This bag is a conversation starter! Everyday I’ve worn it I’ve seriously have had at least one person comment on it… “Love your bag, girl!”

The inside is BEAUTIFUL!

Now I thought I would include a little, “what’s in my bag” action. Since I’ve been in school, I haven’t been able to carry this bag as much. I take a backpack to school and just swap my wallet from purse to backpack when I need it. Basically, I use this bag on weekends right now as well as when we hit up the grocery store after work. SO- because of that… it’s not very full. But check it out anyway dudes!

From left to right:

1. DKNY wallet (I also just got her for my birthday and love her already!)

2. 5 gum in swerve.

3. Loreal’s The Balm in 318 Heavenly Berry- not to toot my own horn, but this color was made for me!

4. My favorite pen.

5. iPhone 4.

So there you have it! That’s what’s in my bag!

Chanel or Chanei?

The boyfriend recently went to China for a business trip. He had so much fun and brought me home my very own Chanel… or Chanei. 😉 I’m sure to the actual Chanel owner- this bag looks completely fake and like a total knock off. But for a under educated Chanel handbag gal like myself, it looks pretty dang good! It’s even made out of real leather.

“Made in France”… more like China!

The best part was that it came with this card that ensures the buyer it’s authentic.

Anyways thought I would share my new favorite bag… although it will never replace my Louis!