24 Years Young.

Tomorrow is my 24th birthday! To celebrate, my husband is taking me out to a delicious restaurant known for it’s amazing desserts here in Portland, Papa Hadyn. I am so excited! He was also very excited to give me my gift and gave it to me early…. he heard no complaints from me! 🙂 

He got me the Kate Spade Gramercy Grand in Gold! I have adored this watch for about a year now and was sooooo excited when he handed me that perfect little box! I told him repeatedly that this was my first “real” watch and I couldn’t be more pleased! 






I am now looking forward to the rest of my birthday weekend in style! Sister and her family, as well as my parents will be down for a day of shopping and eating delicious food! 


Long long ago…

We had some friends from Reno come visit us… and I realized the other day that I never put up pictures from their visit. While they were here we hit up the zoo, some breweries, and just had a good time.

Tammy and Padraic, our visitors.

Me, and Tristan if you look closely!

My handsome man.

So there you have it!


Weekend Update: Oregon Brew Fest 2010

Over the weekend I headed down to Portland to visit le BF and hit up yet another brew fest.

It was crazy! There were roughly a gazillion people there… all in the 20-30 age range. Which was a HUGE difference from the previous brew fest. This coupled with it being ridiculously hot outside made it kind of irritating.

We ended up taking the max into downtown Portland so we wouldn’t have to drive, or find parking.

Once we got there I took some photos… not many because it was so over whelming… but here are the few I took:

The sign that pointed you in the direction of your favorite brewery.

An example of the lines up to the brewers.

The mug.

The tokens.

And lastly, here’s the infamous shirt that gets le BF tons of attention when he wears it, especially around a bunch of people who’ve been drinking…

Overall it was really fun, except when I got sick. At this point my mother would yell out, “you were drunk!!” but I don’t think that’s it guys… really. Okay, let me explain myself, it was about 95 degrees out, I’m pretty sure I was dehydrated, and all of the beers I tried were crazy kinds like raspberry and orange… so I’m pretty sure that mixture didn’t help. But basically I ended up puking on the max, AND at the max station. It was embarrassing… but as I did so, a couple guys walked by and yelled “Yeah! Brew Fest 2010!” which kind of made me laugh in retrospect.

Anyway, that was basically my weekend… how was yours? What did you do?

The Speedy 25.

As most of you know, I headed down to Portland this weekend to visit the Boyfriend. One of our favorite things to do is hit up the local Goodwills and search for treasures. The usual sections we like to look in are the book section and the electronics. However, at this particular trip- I walked in and immediately saw in the front area (where they lock up the “good stuff”) a Louis Vuitton Speedy 25, in nearly perfect condition. OF COURSE, I had to look at this puppy up close to check it’s authenticity. And let me tell you people, it’s gorgeous- nearly flawless. Whoever had it before- took amazing care of it.


So now I’m at a loss, I can’t decide if I want to keep the bag- or try and sell it on eBay… a new Speedy 25 of this size goes for $665! So I could probably get a decent amount… but I’m so torn.

I actually carried it around for a bit this weekend and loved every minute of it. The only thing is- it’s size. It’s a bit on the smaller side of what I’m used to carrying.

So I want to know what you think, should I try and sell this? Or keep it because it’s so timeless (and I’m kind of in love with it)?

**UPDATE** I can’t find a serial number… which according to google says that it could be possibly made by the “french baggage company” who didn’t use serial numbers… OR it could be fake. So I’m not sure what to do now.


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Sunday’s activities.

This weekend, as most of you all know, I went to Portland with the family to get my new lap top! Hurray! This is what I ended up getting- and I love it! I also ended up getting the second pair of shoes (except for in pink) from my most recent running shoes post, the asics. And I love those also! Sister and I took them for a spin yesterday.

Yesterday I also met up with JHall at Target, for some shopping, talking, walking around and then ultimately eating at Red Robin.

I got the chicken salad and she got a bbq chicken wrap. It was really good! And because they took so long to bring us our food- we got a free basket of fries. Hurray!

The most interesting part of our dining experience was definitely our waiter. He was overly excited and kind of looked like a younger version of the guy from this painting:


He kept on telling us to have fun. Example:

Waiter: “Hey guys!!!! Do you know what you want?”

Me: “Yeah… blah blah blah.”

Waiter: “OK! And you?!! (looking at Jessica)”

JHall: “Yeah… blah blah blah.”

Waiter: “I’LL HAVE THOSE RIGHT OUT!!! Remember! Keep having fun!”

Uh ok?? thanks…

Then because we were seated in an area where one side was booth the other side was chair (I was in the chair) he’d sit down next to Jess on the booth and put on a very concerned face when asking what type of fry sauce we would need.

Overall, he was just intense- and refilled our waters every 2 seconds. Maybe his service was just a little too good…

Then we headed over the the mall to just look around. Went to Best Buy so I could show Jess my new lap top- of which I proceeded to set my blog as the internet home page. Good times…

How was your weekend?

Bachelorette Madness!!

SO! The whole party was so much fun. We all had a great time, and I thought I’d share some photos from the day/night. We got to Portland around noon and had lunch at Mother’s Bistro/Bar, then went shopping for the day and had dinner at Rock Bottom Brewery (which had two more bachelorette parties going on!). Overall, I think everyone had a great time, and we looked pretty sweet in our shirts…. as you can see!

The Bride (my sister) who looked absolutely fabulous in her veil, tie-dye shirt, Trevor pin, love sunglasses holding her faux bouquet!

Our server at Mother’s Bistro with my lovely sister.

The “Trevor” pin. Everytime someone asked what her future husband’s name was she had to scream, “I’m getting married!” at the top of her lungs. SO much fun!

All of the lovely ladies in our shirts!

After some shopping we went to dinner. This is Jessica and I at dinner.

My sister and I at dinner.

MANY drinks in her new princess martini glass.

There was another bachelorette party at dinner- this is their bride.


So that’s all of my favorites. I have about 132,817,209,218,039 more photos from the night. But I hope you all had a good weekend!