24 Years Young.

Tomorrow is my 24th birthday! To celebrate, my husband is taking me out to a delicious restaurant known for it’s amazing desserts here in Portland, Papa Hadyn. I am so excited! He was also very excited to give me my gift and gave it to me early…. he heard no complaints from me! 🙂 

He got me the Kate Spade Gramercy Grand in Gold! I have adored this watch for about a year now and was sooooo excited when he handed me that perfect little box! I told him repeatedly that this was my first “real” watch and I couldn’t be more pleased! 






I am now looking forward to the rest of my birthday weekend in style! Sister and her family, as well as my parents will be down for a day of shopping and eating delicious food! 


Recent Favorites.

I love finding products that I can’t get enough of. Here are some products that I’ve been loving lately:


NYC’s Applelicious Glossy Lip Balm…. omg. That’s all I can say. These are AMAZING. All of the colors are super flattering and super sheer. Not to mention the smell is INSANE. Do yourself a favor and go buy at least 5 of these… at $2 per tube how can you not? 


Every summer Estee Lauder comes out with a variation of this Bronze Goddess fragrance. Which always lures me in, but I never have broke down and purchased it. This year after spritzing some of the body oil on while shopping at Nordstrom I realized I just couldn’t live without it. It smells amazing, literally smells like summer! I have been wearing it everyday! I decided to get the body oil rather than the fragrance because I found the staying power of the body oil to be a lot stronger than the fragrance. 


In my town we have a Charming Charlie. If you have never been to a Charming Charlie you are seriously missing out. I always tell people that it is a lot like Forever 21 accessories (except slightly higher quality, I think) and roughly the same price. These are some bracelets I’ve picked up from there since the store opened last year. I love, love, love them! Even if I’m not wearing them I love looking at them on my table. 



I found this Kate Spade pouch at Nordstrom Rack on clearance and instantly fell in love. The color is amazing and it fits credit cards just perfectly. i knew it had to be mine! I didn’t expect to love having such a small wallet, but I have really been loving that. It makes it so easy to change purses day to day. I just grab this small pouch that houses my cards and I.D. and I’m good to go! 

So there you have it! My latest obsessions! What are yours?


Kathryn Spa-day.

Sorry for the delay in posts guys… (guys meaning the two of you who still read this blog). As some of you know, last week I started graduate school and things have been real people!! It’s been super fun- but I definitely have been so crazy busy. My goal for this blog while I’m in school is to post at least once a week. MAYBE twice… ugh, I know!

Anyway, recently I turned 23! Woo hoo! Can you believe? This lady is getting old… I can see the wrinkles already! Anyway… I have an obsession with bags… and my dear sweet boyfriend indulges this obsession on various occasions. Anyone remember Mr. Vuitton? Or my Chanei? Side note… I realize that I take pictures a lot on my bed spread… honestly guys… it’s the best light in the house. Don’t hate me! Anyway, for my birthday I received a Kate Spade New Bond Street Florence bag in the color Coral! I am so excited guys! I seriously can’t contain myself. Lets take a look shall we??

 There she is.. in all her glory. Tristan calls her Kathryn Spa-day- hence the title.

This bag is a conversation starter! Everyday I’ve worn it I’ve seriously have had at least one person comment on it… “Love your bag, girl!”

The inside is BEAUTIFUL!

Now I thought I would include a little, “what’s in my bag” action. Since I’ve been in school, I haven’t been able to carry this bag as much. I take a backpack to school and just swap my wallet from purse to backpack when I need it. Basically, I use this bag on weekends right now as well as when we hit up the grocery store after work. SO- because of that… it’s not very full. But check it out anyway dudes!

From left to right:

1. DKNY wallet (I also just got her for my birthday and love her already!)

2. 5 gum in swerve.

3. Loreal’s The Balm in 318 Heavenly Berry- not to toot my own horn, but this color was made for me!

4. My favorite pen.

5. iPhone 4.

So there you have it! That’s what’s in my bag!