Fashion Finds

Lately I have been finding some really good deals and thought I would share them! 

First of all, Gap is having a serious sale right now! An additional %40 off of sale items. SCORE! I picked up some clothes but was definitely most excited about the new shoes I picked up.


I picked up two pairs of the “favorite flip flops” in bright pink and periwinkle, which were on sale for $15 and then of course were an additional %40 off! Then I picked up a pair of these eye-lit balllet flats in nude which were on sale for $24 with an extra %40 off of that! I was pretty pleased! 

Next, I went to store I hadn’t stepped foot in since high school, American Eagle. There were some super cute things on sale, however, I was most intrigued by the adorable jewelry! I picked up these XO earrings which came with two sets of X’s and two sets of O’s. I decided to mix and match and am currently wearing a pair! These would be super cute if you had double ear piercings in your ears!


American Eagle was having a sale on jewelry which was also %40 off at the time! 🙂 

Recently, I also hit up H&M. Amazingly enough, I never really find anything I absolutely must have when I stop in. But this time the sale section of accessories was crazy! They were having buy 2 get 1 free, as well as just already ridiculously cheap prices. I have been loving pops of neon, so I decided to pick up this neon and faux diamond necklace.


Similar necklace found here.

Yesterday, one of my best friends came down for a girl’s day filled with shopping and pedicures. We hit up Ann Taylor Loft and were very pleased to see that their sunglasses were on sale 2 pairs for $25… considering one pair is usually $24, it’s practically buy one get one free! I do not by any means have a face for sunglasses… it’s rare that I find a pair I really like on myself. So when I do, I have to scoop them up! I was just happy to see such a great sale!


Lastly, recently I went to my friend’s bachelorette party and her sister had accidentally bought an iPhone 5 case for her iPhone 4s from J. Crew. She offered it to me and of course I couldn’t turn it down! A free iPhone case! I love this paisley print, and noticed last time I hit up J. Crew that it was on sale for about $10! Can’t beat that!


What are some of your favorite fashion finds for summer?



24 Years Young.

Tomorrow is my 24th birthday! To celebrate, my husband is taking me out to a delicious restaurant known for it’s amazing desserts here in Portland, Papa Hadyn. I am so excited! He was also very excited to give me my gift and gave it to me early…. he heard no complaints from me! 🙂 

He got me the Kate Spade Gramercy Grand in Gold! I have adored this watch for about a year now and was sooooo excited when he handed me that perfect little box! I told him repeatedly that this was my first “real” watch and I couldn’t be more pleased! 






I am now looking forward to the rest of my birthday weekend in style! Sister and her family, as well as my parents will be down for a day of shopping and eating delicious food! 

Best buy.

This weekend my friend Tonya and I went thrifting and then ultimately made our way to Nordstrom Rack. If you know me then you know that I’ve been obsessed with Seychelle shoes lately! I just want them all… in fact I’ve been collecting them in my Amazon shopping cart. (Terrible, I know!) Anyway, as I browsed the rows and rows of 8.5 sized shoes (love that they have so many!) I came across these beauties! DREAM COME TRUE!

And the best part?

$24.88! And they were $99.95!

Needless to say, I am beyond thrilled about these!


I used to be a HUGE fan of Dooney & Bourke when I was younger… I had a few and I LOVED them, then the brand became kind of cheesy… or little kid-ish.

But have you seen them lately?? They are SO classic looking… reminds me of the oldies but goodies from when they first started!

Here’s some that I’m loving:

Large Lulu Bag

The Dillen Satchel

The Mini Juliette

And the Dillen Juliette Bag

I’m kind of loving them all…

If I carried one, I’d feel like one sophisticated lady!

What bags are you loving right now??

If you must…

Today I want to talk to you all about ugly fashion choices. Trends that I’m not a fan of… and that you shouldn’t be either… but if you must, I want there to be other options… cuter ones… ones that make people like me not cringe.

So here goes:

If you must follow the strappy witch shoe trend such as this:


Then do it this way:


Why they’re better: Um… I think it’s self explanatory! But if you’re really curious… I think the wedge in the first pair only adds to the creepy witch esque theme, also the nude tone is much more toned down rather than a bold black pair. Not to mention the second pair is wayyyy cheaper, and who wants to spend a lot of money on a trend that you may not wear that long.

If you must get tone up shoes like these:


Then  do it this way:


Why they’re better: Once again, I think you’ll automatically see a more aesthetically pleasing shoe on the bottom… also the Reebok Zigs come in a million colors so you can get really specific about what you want exactly. Also they’re the same price! And come on… sketchers vs. reebok, I think we all know who wins.

So there you have it, my opinions on the two latest shoe trends. 🙂