DIY Tassel Garland


Ever since I read this post via Cupcakes and Cashmere I knew I needed a tassel garland in my house. I spent hours googling where to buy one, finding the cutest ones I could find on Etsy…but never went through with the purchase. Then, my sister made an adorable one for her house which made me realize I should just make my own!

Conveniently, I had all of the supplies on hand, all I needed was a bit of motivation. Here are the items you will need to make your very own tassel garland:

1. Fabric (This part is really dependent on what you’re going for, you could use one color of fabric, you could use five. I used three because I had exactly three fabrics on hand that all coordinated well with one another.)

2. Fabric Scissors (I used scissors and cut roughly 1″ strips… not exact or perfect, it doesn’t really matter. Sister also told me that you can even just use scissors to start the strip and then rip the remainder for a vintage look… neat!)

3) Something to attach your tassels to, I used jute rope that was left over from my wedding.

4) An eager spirit and a nice comfy place to sit!

I am clearly a terrible blogger… because I didn’t really take any pictures of the process… but it’s really quite simple.

All I did was take 6 of the fabric strips, fold them in half, tie another strip around the tassel at the top to hold it in place and voila! That was it! Then I Ieft about 6 inches of space between each tassel. All of this is really dependent on the look you are going for. I am very pleased with how it came out! When my husband came home he said it looked like we were having a party! What do you think?


ImageInstagram shot of my tassels hanging proudly in the distance:Image

4 thoughts on “DIY Tassel Garland

  1. deb says:

    i like, i would maybe go for a fuller look because that is me. these look like they would be super easy to customize. i may have to try this as a valance type thing in taylors room, black red and gray, oh the creative juices are starting to flow!

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