Making Terrariums for Mother’s Day.

Hello! I know it’s been forever! But I had a good excuse… finishing grad school. But now I’ve graduated and have time to blog again. This year for Mother’s Day I decided to make terrariums for both my mom and Tristan’s mom. I always have the hardest time picking out Mother’s Day gifts and decided it would be fun to craft something for them.

Not too long ago, I decided to make a terrarium for myself after seeing Pinterest posts like this, this, and this. I’m not much of a directions reader… I just like to jump in and try and make things look like they do in photos online. However, I decided for this project I was glad I did because my, oh my… it takes quite a few more supplies than soil and succulents to make a terrarium!

The items you will need are as follows:


1) Soil- any soil will work, I specifically got soil for palm and dessert plants… but I was just being fancy.

2) Activated Filter Carbon- we got this in the aquarium section at Fred Meyers.

3) Rocks- for your foundation, we also got these in the aquarium section at Fred Meyers.

4) Spanish Moss- more for decorative purposes.

5) Plants- the best part of this whole experience is picking plants! I googled a list of plants that are best for terrariums, but generally, if you stick with the plants that are around the succulent section at any store you will be fine. I think it’s fun to play with texture and color at this point. I tend to pick plants that are different colors and different sizes. This adds some interest to your terrarium.


6) Vase- of course you need something to hold your terrarium! I got mine at target for $12.99 each! Not bad!

So now, lets get started building our terrariums!

First, fill the bottom of your vase with rocks:


Next, pour your carbon on top of the rocks:



Now it’s time to add your soil! Beware of adding too much! You can always add more later… but you need space for your plants and all of their roots!


Finally, its time to add your plants! Position them in the vase and push soil all around them to steady their positioning. Add more soil if needed!



Last, add some moss around the different plants to pull it all together. After this step, I like to water my terrariums so I know they are good to go! 🙂



So there you have it! Making terrariums is so simple and yet so fun! Plus wouldn’t you be thrilled to receive one as a gift?! I’m not going to lie, the initial cost of buying all of the supplies adds up… BUT, once you buy all of the soil, carbon, rocks, etc. the only items you will need to buy for next time is your plants and your vase!

Good luck and let me know how making your terrarium goes!


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