Foundations Galore!

The other day I was going through my makeup collection and noticed I have a little thing for buying foundations. When I think about it’s true! I get so excited to try out new products! Unfortunately, many of my foundations I rarely use because they SUCK… which sucks for me because often I’ve spent about $30 on them each! So I thought I’d do a little review for you and let you know what my favorites are. But first of all, here is a little info on my skin type so you can know if they would work for you or not. I have oily skin (thanks mom!) and I definitely have to use a primer or else my foundation will just slide off, especially during the hotter months. Lately I’ve been using “de-slick” by urban decay… and it’s been my holy grail! But that is a whole other post for another time!

So here is the line up:

 1.  Clinique Repairwear: I looked around online and noticed that this foundation was discontinued… Which is alright with me! It made my skin oily and even broke me out, no thanks! I think I have used it MAYBE twice.

2. YSL Teint Resist in Blond: I actually really like this foundation. The only bummer is I think I got the wrong color for me. This one has a lot of yellow undertones, which I don’t have so it always looks a little off. But it feels amazing and smells even better! I would be tempted to repurchase in the correct color.

3. Clinique Superbalanced Makeup in Fair: I actually didn’t use this stuff all that often, then recently I revisited it and I loved it! It’s great! Feels great, feels light, and keeps me semi-matte throughout the day. It’s definitely not a holy grail foundation, but it’s pretty good.

4. Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet+ in Ivory: This is the foundation that I am possibly the most disappointed in. I did my research on this foundation and thought about it for days before purchasing! It had glowing reviews, especially from us gals with oily skin. I HATE this stuff! It’s SO hard to blend in, it feels really thick and heavy on my skin, and doesn’t ever seem to go on evenly. I felt like I was wearing a mask. Awful!

5. MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer in NC 20: I think this stuff must have been recently discontinued! I can’t find it on their website, which is pretty odd considering  I JUST bought it. But I love this stuff, I realize it’s concealer and not foundation, but you pretty much can use it as a foundation! It’s great! Next time I am considering trying NW… I’m not really sure what my undertones are… and NC look alright but I’d like to see how NW looks!

6. Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer in Porcelain: I like this stuff… it’s light, feels nice, smells nice! If you have oily skin you definitely need to use some sort of primer and possibly a setting powder. But it’s really nice!

7. LUSH Colour Supplements in Jackie Oates: I adore this stuff! I definitely don’t use it on a daily basis.. but it’s pretty similar to a tinted moisturizer in texture. It’s nice and light and blends super easily! Once again, I’d always use a primer and a setting powder, but it’s great! Isn’t full coverage and if you have spots you might have to use a concealer.

8. Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream in Fair:  I just bought this stuff with a gift card my aunt got me. I do like it… not as much as the Asian BB creams, but it’s really nice! Feels really nice, is fairly light. I wouldn’t say this is my favorite ever! But it definitely is pretty good.

Hopefully that sheds some light on the foundation situation! I have plenty of drugstore foundations that I am thinking about doing a review on as well. Stay tuned! 🙂

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