Day 24: Guilty Pleasure.

I can’t resist buying magazines. In fact, boyfriend ordered me subscriptions for Martha Stewart Living, Cosmo, and Glamour… but when I’m at the store… I can’t resist getting more. What’s worse is that I can’t throw them away. I’m a magazine hoarder!

Love Zooey, and love him.

2 thoughts on “Day 24: Guilty Pleasure.

  1. Andrew Ferguson says:

    I used to hoard catalogs (and some magazines). RadioShack, TechAmerica, DigiKey, Granger, Drs Foster and Smith, SkyMall, Uline, etc.I would spend hours flipping through the pages, reading the specifications about all the neat things I couldn’t buy – I was 10, my allowance just wasn’t going to cover that $499.99 police scanner.

    I’m pretty sure I have most of the RadioShack catalogs somewhere at my parents house and I refuse to let them throw them away.

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