Wish List!

Hello friends! This past weekend le BF and I moved into our new apartment…. kind of…. except I’m still living at home- and he is still living at school until his graduation THIS WEEKEND!

Anyway, my new apartment is beautiful and I can’t wait to FULLY move in.

PICTURES to come! I swear it.

Anyway, lately I’ve been feeling like going on a make-up bender… there is TONS of stuff I’d love to purchase. So I thought I would list it out here, and maybe get your thoughts as to what you are using, or if you have used these products in the past.

Soon, I’m going to do another post about products I have recently purchased and how I feel about them after a few weeks of use. So stay tuned! Anyway, lets get to it!

1. Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation


All I have heard about this foundation is wonderful things! It retails for about $35, depending on where you purchase. A few weeks ago I purchased Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer (review to come) and for $42- I’m not completely thrilled. I think I just have come to realize I am more of a foundation person than a tinted moisturizer person…. I like a more “made up” look I suppose. Anyway, I’d rather save 7 bones and pick me up this Estee Lauder choice to see how it really is!

2. Nars Blush


I had Nars blush in Orgasm for years… and I mean YEARS… until I recently threw it away by accident! Stupid me! You see, I had recently purchased an E.L.F. blush and wasn’t to keen on it… so I thought I would throw it away- sadly the packaging is semi-similar and I’m pretty sure I tossed out my Nars blush instead of my stupid E.L.F. one… bye bye $27! However, I suppose since I had that blush since my sophomore year in college- it was time to let it go. Anyway, although I LOVE the color Orgasm, I have been wanting to branch out and I’ve heard good things about “Deep Throat”. So when I re-purchase I think I’ll get that one and see how that goes.

3. Fresh Sugar Honey Tinted Lip Treatment


I’ve wanted to try this lip treatment for a while now- but at $23 a pop, it’s too rich for my blood. I just  can’t bring myself to spend that much money on glorified chapstick. However, I’ve heard really good things and it’s supposed to have an absolutely gorgeous tint. So we’ll see if I shell out the dough for this one… maybe if I win the lottery… kidding… kind of. 🙂

So what have you been using and loving? Also, what’s on your wish list??


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