Three Things (Sister’s Idea)

If you follow my sister’s blog, then you’ve noticed that every week she does a “Three Things” post, where she posts three things she’s been liking.

Well, today I went shopping and bought three things, so I thought to myself- what a great time to follow in her foot steps!

Warning: my pictures aren’t nearly as nice/cool as hers though!

Check it:

I’ve been wanting a fedora FOREVA! So when I saw this “Basketweave Fedora” at F21, I couldn’t resist. And dudes- the black contrasts fantastically with my blonde hair, not to toot my own horn or anything.

  I wasn’t looking for a necklace, but I saw this one on extreme clearance at Macy’s and had to get it, it looks very Anthropologie-esque wouldn’t you say??

I’ve wanted these shoes for quite some time… and every time I would go into Target I’d visit them, I finally broke down and bought them and am SO SO pleased.

So there you have it, those are my three things! 🙂


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