It’s a-MAY-zing!

1. Crave You- Flight Facilities

2. Girl With One Eye- Florence and The Machine

3. Everywhere- Fleetwood Mac

4. Waiting- City and Colour

5. Magic Man- Heart

6. Mornin’- Star Slinger

7. Harvest Moon- Pepper Rabbit

8. Bow Chicka Wow Wow- Mike Posner

9. All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye- John Mayer (this video is hilarious, I love him!)

10. Fat Bottomed Girls- Queen

11. Salvation- Scanners (this song never gets old!)

12. Assassin- John Mayer (I know… it’s just a John Mayer kind of day)

13. It Hurts Me Too- First Aid Kit 

14. Bleed American- Jimmy Eat World (in honor of the Jimmy Eat World show I’ll be going to this month!)

15. Not Fair- Lilly Allen 

16. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face- Mark Ronson

17. Get Better- Mates of State (I’m pretty sure this one has been on playlists about 1000 times… but heck, I love Mates of State! And this song is fantastic)

18. Your Love- The Outfield

19. My Best Friend’s Girl- The Cars

20. If You Run- The Boxer Rebellion



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