This week = nuts!

Gosh, these last few weeks of school are really going to be the death of me. So what am I doing instead of studying for my two impending exams on Thursday?? Of course anything but studying!

So here I am, sitting at Starbucks- becoming increasingly stressed out by the amount of work needed to be accomplished before the end of my final semester.

Tomorrow is the Grad Fair at my school! Therefore, tomorrow I will be forking out 60 bones for a cap and gown rental that will ultimately cause my senioritis will become even more real.

I can’t even believe how fast these past four years have flown by. Of course it didn’t always feel that way as I sat and day dreamed about my future sans exams.

My goal for the rest of this semester is to just enjoy these last few weeks living with my best friend. Although it seems like the end can’t come soon enough I really am going to miss our late night talks and literally the fact that we spend nearly 24 hours a day together. Really, everyone should get the chance to live with their best friend- it truly has been the best thing ever.

Speaking of best friends, I was looking into what I’m going to get Brit for graduation. I’m thinking I want to get some sort of jewelry that we both will have. Any suggestions? Etsy shops you love? Let me know.

Well, time to get back to studying. Enjoy this lovely video of a song I can’t resist lately:

Who else loves John Mayer despite his douche-ness?!


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