So here it is guys…

….many days have come and gone and I have yet to update my project 365.

Well the thing is, I haven’t wanted to. I went into this project thinking it would be something that would keep me blogging regularly while I powered through my last semester of undergrad. However, I’m just not into it. And it’s feeling very…. forced… if you haven’t noticed.

So yes, although I am only 77 days into the whole project 365 bit…  I’m going to call it quits! In fact, I’ve been thinking a lot about my blog lately and what direction I ultimately want to take it.

Often times, I have things I want to blog about… and they all revolve around clothes/beauty. So even though I’ve already been doing this- this is my formal post to you all, informing you that my blog from this day forward will no long have any project 365 posts, and will most likely be mostly beauty/fashion related.

So there you have it!

Also, I only have 7 weeks until graduation, so please bear with me. I will probably be very unreliable… I may not blog every day! But I think I just want to get into putting more content on here… quality over quantity, right guys?

I also realize taking my blog in this direction will slightly alienate the dudes who enjoy my posts. Sorry guys! I really appreciate you, and hopefully you’ll check in from time to time! I’ll definitely get around to posting my usual posts as well!

So yes, thanks for reading this long boring thing. And hopefully I’ll be sending a thrilling post your way soon!


4 thoughts on “So here it is guys…

  1. beatrice says:

    you got 7 weeks till graduation? enjoy it. live it UP. crank it out (cuz there will be a LOT to crank out at the end) and live in those moments. some of my best memories are my last weeks of college pulling all-nighters in the library and chatting it up at 3 am to the stranger next to me who’d been at the computer for 8 hours, too. seriously.

    so take it as it comes and blog what you want to blog when you want to blog it. shouldn’t be a chore. i think it’s great that you’re giving yourself the freedom to do what you want/need right now.

    will still be checking in… good luck with the push to the end! 🙂

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