Project 365 Catch Up!

Yay! It’s Spring Break! That means I’ve been spending TONS of time with Sister and my gorgeous nephew! Here’s what I’ve been doing!

Thursday I came home, and it was family dinner night, so I chased this guy around the house:

Day 74

Friday, I went with my mom and sister to Oly for some shopping, then we headed to the new Goodwill in town. However, the little man fell asleep so we had to take turns sitting in the car with him.

Day 75

Cutest boy ever.

Saturday I went with the sister to get her new iPhone! Hurray! Then we did a little shopping and spent the rest of the day watching TV. Of course, I hung out with the little man again:

Day 76

And, I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t take pictures today, so lets keep with the theme and post an oldie but goodie of the Stinkston!

Day 77

This picture kills me, he’s perfect!

How has your weekend been?


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