January’s Songs.

1. Belle & Sebastian- I want the world to stop.

2. Automatic Love Letter- Hush.

3. Plan B- Prayin’.

4. Rocky Votolato- White daisy passing.*

5. Blondie- Heart of glass.

6. Metric- Black sheep.

7. Broken Family Bond- It’s all over.

8. Phantogram- Mouthful of diamonds.

9. The Asteroid Galaxy Tour- The sun ain’t shining no more.

10. Tricky- Hell around the corner.

11. Turnerjoy- Torturous.*

12. A Fine Frenzy- Fever.*

13. The Kills- U.R.A. fever (instrumental).

14. Jessica Lea Mayfield- Kiss me again.

15. Franz Ferdinand- No you girls.*

16. Danger Bears- New Song.

17. Maroon 5- Misery (acoustic).

18. John Mayer- Vultures.

19. Nightmare of You- Marry me.

20. The XX- Islands.



**songs may have been used in previous playlists.

ALSO, the 365 project isn’t over for me! I just went away for the weekend! The days I missed will be posted soon…. like tomorrow once I get around to editing photos and such!

Hope everyone had a good new year! šŸ™‚


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