How embarrassing for you….

It came to Sister’s attention that someone has been copying certain things off of her blog. At first it was just kind of weird… taking pictures from Sister’s blog as well as a friend’s blog here and there… without giving credit.

But then we noticed a certain phrase under her blog header…. well– you see for yourself:

Copy cat’s blog header….

Sister’s side bar info.

As you may see… the only difference is her child’s name.

Creepy right?

I would link to the Copy Cat’s blog so I can give her credit… but since she doesn’t really deserve it, as it’s my sister’s words… I think I’ll leave that part out.

So let me know blog friends, has something like this happened to you? What did you do? How did you resolve it?

14 thoughts on “How embarrassing for you….

  1. Stevie says:

    This has happened a few times before in the blogosphere. You need to spread the word in any way you can and create a s**t storm for this person. It is NOT OKAY for this person to be plagiarizing. Spread the word on your blog and on twitter and CONFRONT THE PERSON. Leave a comment on their blog and say “Um, yeah. STOP.” I’m happy to spread the word, too.

    • Kimberly says:

      I totally agree with you! It is NOT okay! I definitely did comment on her blog and called her out. And my sister also wrote a statement on her blog, so since she’s such an avid fan, she’ll see that I’m sure!

      Thanks for your input! I definitely will be spreading this around! I thought about linking her blog like crazy– but I could probably get in trouble for internet bullying or something. πŸ™‚

  2. Gooseberried says:

    Erg! Stuff like this really creeps me out. I really hope no one’s doing this to me. How did you find out? I never really search any phrases or things I say, so I’m not sure I’d ever know unless someone told me about it. I don’t understand why people do that though!? So odd.

    • Kimberly says:

      She actually went to high school with my sister… so my sister kind of knew her and definitely had her blog link! It’s amazing she still chose my sister to do this too… obviously we were going to find out!

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