I thought everything was for sale in Walmart??

Last night Brittany and I headed over to our good friend Alyssa’s apartment for a girl’s night.

It was so fun! Total, there were four of us there, two Brittany’s, Alyssa and me.

Alyssa being the fantastic hostess she is made some artichoke dip (YUM!), we listened to Christmas music, talked— a lot, and then decorated her apartment! It was so fun! We even put up her adorable tree! Which got one of the Brittany’s thinking about how she really wanted a tree for her apartment.

SO, since we now have a super walmart and it’s open 24 hours a day, we thought we’d take a midnight trip to pick up some more decorations.

We went with the intentions of getting this $20 tree:


So we get there and head to the Christmas section only to find they are out of this fabulous $20 tree. So Brittany heads to find a worker to ask if there happens to be any in the back. The girl’s response? “Uh… I don’t thinks so.” Which isn’t very helpful… so we talk Brittany into asking someone else working in the store who might actually go take a look in the back. She agrees, so then weΒ head to the front of the store to find a manager, the girl we had previously asked about the tree sees us heading that direction and runs quickly after us. We’re pretty sure she thought we were going to tattle on her or something, so basically she runs up behind us and says, “there are other trees! some pre-lit ones!” Which yeah… we saw that… thanks.

Alyssa turns to another female worker and asks her if we can see a manager. The women very rudely asks what we need. Alyssa tells her, and then the woman makes us follow her to a group of 5 guys around our age standing in a group. So then Brittany asks them once again if there happens to be any trees in the back. The main manager-guy asks which tree she’s talking about, she tells him she’s talking about the 6 ft $20 one… he asks her to show him which one she means specifically.

So… walking through Walmart from the front of the store to the Christmas section is Brittany and the manager-guy followed by me, Alyssa, and other Brittany, followed by the FOUR other guys! It was SO awkward, we’re still not even sure why they came along. It was literally like a midnight parade through Walmart.

We all end up in the Christmas section and the guys go to “look in the back” for any extra trees. Of course, they come back with nothing. So Brittany asks if she can just buy the display tree. The guy gives her some story about how she can’t buy the display “yet” but that they get new shipments often.

So ultimately, we left empty handed, without a tree.

It was the most awkward night.

Then Brittany decided to buy some hair dye instead and we asked the woman ringing her up what she would have done if we would have brought the display tree in our cart to buy, her answer?

“Probably woulda sold it to ya.”


4 thoughts on “I thought everything was for sale in Walmart??

  1. debbie says:

    when sissy and i were there this morning we saw trev, and we totally cruised the christmas stuff. em so wanted to buy the purple tree. i thought of your mid night parade and giggled a bit, that got me some strange looks from the workers in that area. ahh, i do love walmart.

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