What to blog about??


That’s how I’ve been feeling about blogging lately.

I think it’s because I am just SO busy with school that when I have free time, the last thing I want to do is type something else up.

So what’s new? Lets see… I have a neuroanatomy test this Thursday. Woot!

So basically right now I should be studying… but poo on that! I think I’ll watch some youtube instead.

Clearly, I’m a fantastic student. However, I must stay- this semester has been the most stressful yet! I thought it was supposed to be smooth sailing after junior year? Nope, senior year is kicking my behind! Seriously, I’m going to be more ready than ever for Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks when they come.

Also, as previously mentioned, I took the GRE. It didn’t go as well as planned, and pretty much solidified the idea in my brain that I would take a year off before pursuing graduate school.

I’ve kind of known this is what I needed to do for quite some time, but part of me still really wanted to apply up until last week. I think I was kind of feeling worthless sitting around while everyone else was writing personal statements and getting letters of recommendations.

But what it comes down to is, I NEED the break. Plus, it will be a fantastic opportunity to grow up a little, get more knowledge in the world of speech language pathology (hopefully by becoming a speech aid) and just take a breath before it all starts back up.

Today I ran into my senior clinician from last year (the clinician that I followed for my apprenticeship) and told her about my plans. I knew that before going onto graduate school she personally took 4 years, so I thought she might be interested in knowing my plan. She was SO supportive and told me she thought everyone could benefit from taking a year off.

I think sometimes in my major we look at those who take a year off like they’re dropping out of high school (myself included). However, it is not the equivalent AT ALL. I’ll have my bachelors… and if push comes to shove- I’ll work somewhere completely unrelated for a little while until I decide to take the plunge and get back into this fantastic field.

Anyway, sorry for ranting about this. But it’s all I got. ๐Ÿ™‚

So what’s new with you? Have you been studying your brains out for Neuroanatomy? (Ha, did ya catch that pun?)

Tell me allllll about it!


4 thoughts on “What to blog about??

  1. PJC says:

    I’ve been studying, been trying to keep up with my reading and truthfully thinking about taking a year off, but I’m only an undergrad still. And barely even that. I have been spending time on my blog though, which I enjoy, and I think you might like some of the material I have.

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