So where have I been??

Watching this show:


Studying my butt off, and it’s paying off:

CHECK out that A!

Watching this boy walk:

Thanks to Sister‘s FB for the photo!

And last, but certainly not least- visiting this boy:

So there you have it… that’s where I’ve been.

Sorry for the lame-ness!

What have you been up to bloggy friends? I’ve missed you!


6 thoughts on “So where have I been??

  1. Stevie says:

    Awesome job on your neuroanatomy exam! I took regular anatomy and physiology about 10 years ago and studied my butt off for those exams. They were tough, but I did pretty well! Keep up the good work!

    God, I love Weeds. I haven’t seen Season 5 yet, but I thought season 4 was slightly disappointing…how far into it are you?

    • Kimberly says:


      I’m literally finishing up season 4 as we speak, only one episode left! Then I’ll move onto season 5. I thought this season was good… I was kind of glad they got rid of the “little boxes” intro in this season! haha

  2. Alanna says:

    OMG I LOVE WEEDS!!! I’ve only watched Season 1 online, but today I asked a friend if she had the next season, and she handed me a stack of discs that are seasons 2-5!

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