It’s a major award!

(Any of you nerds out there recognize that Christmas Story quote??)

Anywho! Two delightful bloggers, Becca and Sara Elizabeth have given me the “One Lovely Blog Award”. WOOT Woot!

Talk about ego boost!

Look at that bling.

Now as the rules go, I have to pay it forward to 15 of my favorite bloggers! Woo hoo!

So in alphabetical order, here it goes:

1. A Chocolate Covered To Do List. Love her blog! She’s adorable, she has great tips, and writes in a way that I absolutely love!

2. Aura Joon. I read this blog when I want photo envy. Gorgeous gorgeous photos.

3. Carrie Bradshaw Is Full of Sh*t. This girl is hilarious. Click the link for hours of entertainment.

4. Healthy Bites Conquer Athlete Appetite. I love love love this blog. She’s so inspiring! Seriously, click the link and you will want to go work out ASAP.

5. Keiko Lynn. Cute outfits + make up Mondays = my thing

6. Lauren From Texas. I love her blog! She’s so cute and always has funny things to say.

7. Le Blog de Betty. Cute cute blog, cute cute girl!

8. Life In The Fun Lane. Two words: furniture envy.

9. My Life Or Something Like It. Of course I had to link Sister, who doesn’t want to see adorable photos of my nephew??

10. Rantings of a Fashion Addict. This blog is so addicting.

11. Rockstar Diaries. I’m sure most of you have read this blog, she’s so popular in the blog world… and of course I love her too.

12. SnackFace. I love the way this girl writes, and she always photographs her interesting foods. Yum yum!

13. Steal Her Look. This is another blog I can waste hours on. Love it!

14. That’s Chic. Cute outfits, pretty girl!

15. What I Wore. There’s a trend here… I love fashion blogs!


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