The Man Who Lives Next Door.

My new apartment is fantastic! I live in a tri-plex so basically our apartment is the whole upstairs of this building, and then down stairs is split into two apartments. Across the parking lot there is a quad-plex. (Is that the right term??) So because we have a little parking lot in between and there’s so few of us that live here, it’s pretty often we see our neighbors come and go.

The other day I was sitting at the table that faces the window and saw this man walk through the parking lot wearing no pants. I was shocked! No pants?!! Then I realized he was wearing short short short shorts. And his long shirt covered them.

A few days later… I saw the same man in the very same outfit… and I just had to share with you his work-out gear:

Would you wear this ensemble to work in your yard??


6 thoughts on “The Man Who Lives Next Door.

  1. debbie says:

    kimmi, who knew you were the nosey neighber lady with a camera! very awesome outfit if i do say so myself. he is rockin the black socks also, if he were skinnier i would have thought you caught my busband on film, lol.

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