Things I learned over the weekend:

As most of you know- I headed home this weekend to visit my family and to see the Boyfriend. On Saturday we headed to Seattle to see the band Apocalyptica and I learned a few valuable lessons…

1. ALWAYS wear comfortable shoes when going to Seattle.

I wore my pink vans slip-ons a seen here:

I have worn these shoes more times than I can count- they are FULLY broken in… or so I thought. Tristan and I ended up walking miles and I mean MILES around Seattle before attending our show later that night. BAD idea. My feet were KILLING me. First of all, I wore socks that were TOO short and were TOO thin. I’m pretty sure I have blisters EVERYWHERE now. Okay, sorry for the caps, just trying to show you how much pain I’m feeling.

2. Don’t walk 5 miles before staying up until 1 a.m. for a show.

I was SOOO tired. Not only did my feet hurt, as mentioned before. But my entire body ached. I could feel my joints crying (man do I sound like an old lady). But seriously… it’s too hard to stay up that late!

3. Don’t forget ear plugs when going to a concert!

UGH, I have ear plugs… and I forgot them. What kind of speech and hearing sciences major am I? I literally could feel my inner ear hair cells dying. I’m going to be Deaf at 21, due to noise exposure!

4. Dir En Grey sucks.

Decide for yourself.

And lastly, here are some random photos of the city:

So what did you do this weekend?

2 thoughts on “Things I learned over the weekend:

  1. Carrie says:

    Ha, think I heard someone else complaining about Dir En Grey sucking too.

    My weekend was gloriously relaxing, except on Sunday I went to a huge wine tasting event on the waterfront. Really, really awesome. I even used the spit buckets regularly and left feeling pretty alright!

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