Puppy Hungry.

Okay, so maybe that title brings gross thoughts… but what I mean is… I want a puppy!!! NOW!

I’ve never had a puppy before. But lately I’ve been hanging out with my roomy’s boyfriend’s dog Keysha:

Isn’t she the cutest!!

But here are some others I’m loving:

Shiba Inu (I’ve talked about these on here before):


American Eskmo Dog:


Okay, doesn’t it look angelic in this photo!?!

White Terrier:



Who knows… maybe I want a little Keysha dog too!

So what’s your favorite kind of dog? And what do you suggest is a good dog for a first time owner?


9 thoughts on “Puppy Hungry.

  1. Alyssa says:

    That’s SO weird you want a Westie too! I was JUST telling Veronica..literally 10 minutes ago that I want a Westie so bad! They’re such cute and friendly dogs!

  2. debbie says:

    i want a great dane i can name peaches, or a mauser that i can name little bit. i had a dobie sheppard mix names kitty so the twisted names are really fun.

  3. Halley Jackson says:

    I really really want a west highland white terrier, i think there so cute and fluffy!! 😀 but there so expensive and no one sells them in scotland or breeds them! xx

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