Fall playlist!

1. “You’ll Never Know” (Acoustic)- VersaEmerge

2. “Hills and Valleys”- The Rocket Summer

3. “Bird Song”- Florence & The Machine

4. “Sunburn Versus The Rinovirus”- The Matches

5. “Everything Is Alright”- Motion City Soundtrack

6. “See The Sun”- The Kooks

7. “Album Of The Year”- The Good Life

8. “Baby Fratelli”- The Fratellis

9. “Superstar”- Sonic Youth

10. “Become What You Hate”- Midtown

11. “She Doesn’t Get It”- The Format

12. “Most Beautiful Plague”- Say Anything

13. “Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll”- The Killers

14. “The Sound Of Settling”- Death Cab For Cutie (everyone remember this one!?)

15. “Japanese Exchange Student”- The Rocket Summer (okay, okay, I know I already have him on here once… but I just saw him at warped tour… and I can’t help myself.)

16. “Luno”- Bloc Party

17. “The Sweets”- Yeah Yeah Yeahs

18. “The Cruel One”- Gold Motel

19. “Ocean Breathes Salty”- Modest Mouse

20. “Turn It On”- Franz Ferdinand

Yeah… so this mix was super random.

But! If you like what you see, be sure to check out my new tab- “mixtapes” for more playlists from previous months!



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