Recently, I stumbled onto the flickr group What’s In My Bag… and I’m slightly obsessed! I could spend hours going through these… weird? I think not.

I think a bag really says so much about the person who owns it.

So here is my updated what’s in MY bag (vacation style), if you want to see version 1, here’s the old one.

From left to right: Passport, Check Book, Address Book, Wallet, Photo of Ashlyn (Boyfriend’s sister) I carry this because I love her… and because I’m taking it back to Pullman with me. 🙂 My bag- purchased at wilson’s leather… I don’t see it on the site. Sally Hansen finger nail polish in gunmetal, coach wristlet with cheap sunnies on top (purchased this week), carmex, a fruit sprtizers lip gloss (the label is completely worn off- not sure what kind it is). And lastly, my cell phone. As I said before, I purchased this bag this week and I’m IN LOVE with it. It’s amazing. And is so soft- feels so buttery!

Here is an inside view of my wallet. With a cute photo of my Kingsty boy.

Here’s the front of my bag, under that ruffle is a zipper with yet ANOTHER pocket! I keep my ipods in there as well as my keys, see Mario?? 🙂

So there you have it- it’s my vacation bag!

Normally in my regular bag I carry a Vera Bradley make up case filled to the brim with lipsticks, lipgloss, midol, etc… all the girl essentials. But while on vacation that’s just too much to carry in my bag. Maybe I’ll have to do an updated regular bag, “what’s in my bag” when I get home from vacation?

Well I’m off to the pool! It’s our last day and I’m super bummed to leave! But I am excited to go to Warped Tour on Sunday and spend some time with the Boyfriend.

Hope you all have a good day!


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