Vacation: Day 1.

This morning I got up at 3:45.


BUT- It was all worth it to head down to beautiful Carlsbad, CA!

We ended up getting to California around 11 and headed out lunch at TGI Friday’s (my grandpa’s favorite). Then we checked into our condo, and purchased some groceries for the week and took a night walk. We’re all super excited to go to the beach tomorrow! And I already have tons of photos to share with you. Bare with me.

The best frozen yogurt in town- Linda’s Yogurt.

The cutest baby in town- Kingsty Wayne.

The house sister, Trevor and I are all going to pitch in for. It’s on the beach. Isn’t she lovely? So beautiful.

One of my favorite things about Carlsbad is the painted fire hydrants. So cute!

So there you have it! Day one is over! Stay tuned- I’ll update you all tomorrow! (Tomorrow is BEACH day!)


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