Broken Sunglasses.

I pulled out my favorite sunglasses yesterday… to find them BROKEN. The left arm has fallen off! Seriously… 2 days before vacation?? AND they were literally in a case… They broke… in a case. I’m bummed… but I guess it’s a good excuse to buy new sunglasses**.

**clearly I can’t purchase expensive ones, since I break them the instant they’re purchased.

Here are some I wouldn’t mind purchasing that are within my cheapy price range:




I think the last ones are my favorite. What do you think? What sunglasses are you currently sporting?


9 thoughts on “Broken Sunglasses.

  1. Amy says:

    Nothing is worse than breaking the fav sunglasses! That really sucks!
    I like the first and last ones!

    I am a huge fan of aviators. I think they look good on just about anyone, and my brother was a pilot, so it’s a way for me to feel close to him (he passed away 3 years ago).

    I always buy cheapies, because I lose and break my sunglasses all the time. Right now I have a pair I bought for under $10 that I switch up with my aviators.

    • Kimberly says:

      Haha! It’s funny you say that about aviators… I would KILL to wear them. But I am that ONE person who they look horrendous on. 😦 It honestly depresses me at times.

  2. mylifeonrepeat says:

    That’s really funny, actually, since I have an expensive pair of Ray Ban Aviators that I just broke the other day too. Now I must squint in the sunlight! No fun. 😦

  3. mylifeonrepeat says:

    What’s even funnier is that I never read those above comments before I wrote that one. Hmm. I’m just good like that.

  4. emilie18 says:

    I have also been thinking lately that I need to buy new sunglasses. In the past I could only wear the small frames but I have decided that with the weight I have lost my cheeks are no longer too puffy and I can now pull off giant glasses. So now I need to buy some, but I am not sure where to start.

  5. Alanna says:

    I like the first pair =) I got an amazing pair, that you can see in my current facebook picture, for $10 at WalMart. I am really rough on sunglasses, and these have held up for a few months now, which is crazy for wearing them all of the time.

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