Soon I’ll be headed to southern California for a lovely vacation with the family!

I absolutely cannot wait. Here are some things I want to accomplish while on vacation.

1. Sleeping in.


(what is it about cats sleeping that is so dang cute? kills me…)

Since the BF and I have been the closest this summer (in miles) as we have ever been, we’ve been spending every weekend going back and forth to visit each other. I LOVE this, don’t get me wrong- but I definitely don’t catch up on sleep on the weekend.  While on vacation, I fully plan to sleep in until at least 9 a.m. each morning- provided Kingston lets me.

2. Reading! Reading! And more reading!


Remember that list of books I wanted to read this summer? Definitely haven’t read any of them! AND, I added two to the list! So I definitely plan on reading at least two over the span of the week.

3. Swimming!


I LOVE swimming. My mom has always called Sister and I water babies, because we never want to get out. I’m so excited to just spend time on the beach, playing with Kingsty, and of course doing some boogie-boarding.

4. Napping.

See #1.

5. Spending time with the family.

mama and papa beebs.

Sister, Trevor, and Kingston. (Photo stolen from Sister’s blog… but taken by me, so I guess it’s not really stealing.)

Because really, this is what it’s all about right?

Things I’m not looking forward to:

Not seeing the boyfriend for 7 extra days. But I guess sometimes we gotta do what we gotta do! 🙂

Are you going on vacation? If so, where are you going? And what are you excited to be doing?


8 thoughts on “Vacation.

  1. Crystal says:

    Have a great time, dude!

    And I just sneaked a peek at your reading list and I now want to read every single one of those books. Especially “Stiff”. You have excellent taste, madam. 🙂

  2. Amy says:

    I’m headed up to my family’s cottage this long weekend, to bask in the sun, read, drink and eat delicious food, sleep-in, nap, swim, spend QT with the fam, and RELAX!

    So it sounds like we’ll be having very similar vacations!!

    Enjoy your trip!!

  3. MarcyKay says:

    I am uber jealous. I wish we could take a Vacation! *sigh*
    But we just spent a crapload of $ moving back down to texas from NC so unfortunately that’s not in the works atm. Have fun!!!

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