Blog Loving.

I love writing this blog… but almost more than that… I love reading blogs.

I definitely think I have some of the best blogs out there on my blogroll, but I decided I wanted to spread some love by telling you which ones I can’t go without reading daily.

1. Carrie Bradshaw Is Full Of Sh*t.

This girl is SO funny. She writes all about her online dating experiences and random memories. Her recent post about what her dating profile should really look like was hilarious! She also posts regularly, which I love. So definitely be sure to check her out.

2. Kendi Everyday.

I love this blog. Not only for the fashion, but once again, she’s a really witty girl. Right now she’s in the middle of a challenge where she sets aside 30 clothing items and wears only those items for 30 days, and doesn’t buy a thing (clothing wise). Quite inspiring! Be sure to check her out!

3. Life In The Fun Lane.

This blog makes me want to scour thrift stores for old furniture to paint.  She is so creative, and her house is to die for! Check it out!

4. Snackface.

I love the way this girl writes. She’s also very funny and eats some very interesting things, plus her posts are always very photo heavy- which I’m a fan of.

And lastly…

5. My Life Or Something Like It.

Did you really think I wasn’t going to include Sister’s blog? 🙂 Of course I love reading Sister’s blog… especially to see cute photos of my perfect nephew. Be sure to check her out! She loves readers and comments!

So now I want to know, what are some of your favorite blogs?


10 thoughts on “Blog Loving.

  1. Teddi says:

    These are great… thanks so much for passing them on. I’m on 20 something bloggers (which is where i found you!) and am trying to find some blogs worth reading everyday.

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