New jogging playlist:

I’m loving this one.

Also, yeah what’s that you see to the right? Josie and The Pussycats? Yeah… I was one of 5 people who actually bought that CD after that movie came out… I’m that cool.

What do you listen to while working out?

Also, if you can’t read here’s what’s on the playlist “Joggin’ Yo”:

1. If We Ever Meet Again- Katy Perry & Timbaland.

2. Ridin’ Solo- Jason DeRulo

3. Alejandro- Lady Gaga

4. Tuff Ghost- The Unicorns

5. I Don’t Understand- Rooney

6. Echo- Gorilla Zoe

7. New In Town- Little Boots

8. Valerie- Mark Ronson


14 thoughts on “New jogging playlist:

  1. thesingleslant (Stephanie) says:

    DUDE! Thanks so much! I promptly downloaded some of this stuff thanks to you. I’m diggin the new Timbaland tune.

    Other songs I’ve recently added to my Ipod are:

    Taio Cruz “Dynamite”
    Carrie Underwood “Undo It”
    Jerrod Niemann “Lover, Lover”
    Kid Cudi/David Guetta “Memories”
    Christina Aguilera “WooHoo”

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