Weekend recap:

Hello all! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Mine was very eventful- and now I think I deserve another weekend to recover. 🙂

Boyfriend came up on Friday and I met him in Olympia that night to see Inception. If you want to sit in a big room for 2.5 hours and leave scratching your head- this is your movie. I’m not saying I didn’t like it, but I will say that I think I need to see it roughly 4 more times to fully understand it. There was just a lot to take in.

Then Saturday we woke up early and got ready to go to Seattle for the day. We ended up driving there (originally planned to take the ferry) and got there around noon. We met up with Boyfriend’s cousin who lives in the Seattle area and headed over to Pikes Place Market. I hadn’t been there since FOREVER, so it was really interesting to walk around. However, being that it was Saturday and sunny… this is how I felt while there:



After Pikes, we headed to get some lunch at Beechers. I got the mac & cheese of course. It was delicious, although I’m pretty sure I inhaled it so fast that I barely had time to notice. After eating, we headed down to the Seattle Art Museum (SAM), which really was the whole purpose of our trip to Seattle in the first place. Boyfriend really wanted to see the Kurt (Kurt Cobain) exhibit, while I really wanted to see the Andy Warhol exhibit.

So we head into the museum and immediately saw on the sign that it’s free admission day! Hurray! This automatically makes my day! Apparently the museum was being sponsored by Target for the day, so we got to walk around and see everything for FREE! (My favorite price). Luckily we got there right at 2, which was when the 1 of 2 tours for the day was starting! The Andy Warhol exhibit was definitely my favorite- it wasn’t his paintings, it was his media works. So all of his moving photographs/videos were up (awesome!) and polaroids (awesomer!). I loved it!

After the museum we headed to the International District to hit up Uwajimaya (always fun) and walked around a bit. At this point it was about 7 p.m. and we decided we were tired of being downtown and wanted to head back to Shoreline (where his cousin lives) to go out to dinner.

We ended up going to a seafood buffet. I don’t eat seafood. And literally- EVERYTHING was seafood. The fried rice? Seafood fried rice. The chow mein? Seafood chow mein. Eventually I found some chicken teriyaki in the back corner, along with some white rice. But Boyfriend was in heaven, and ate his weight in sushi- so overall it was sucessful.

Then I decided I needed to use the restroom, as I excused myself- his cousin informed me that the bathroom was actually downstairs and you had to take an elevator to it. In light of my recent post– most of you know, I am really scared of elevators. So I’m pretty sure at this point Boyfriend’s cousins thought I was a freak. I don’t eat seafood, and won’t get into an elevator? Really… what’s wrong with me??

After dinner we headed to an ice cream shop called Molly Moon’s. Which was completely yummy, and completely packed! There was a line around the building. But we stood in line and let me tell you- it was worth it! Some of the flavors they had were basalmic strawberry, mandarin chocolate, honey lavender, salted caramel, etc. I got the “scout mint” which is mint ice cream made from local girl scout thin mint cookies. YUM! It was delish.

Then the next day we went to Sister’s to take some family photos for her! Kingsty was sooo cute, and we had a lot of fun doing that. Then sadly, the weekend came to an end. How was your weekend? What did you do? Tell me all about it!


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