Things I always like.

In light of my recent post “Things I always don’t like.”  I thought I’d be postive and do the other side of the spectrum- things I always like:

1. Stretching in bed after waking up.


You know the feeling. You wake up and lift your arms above your head, stretch your legs out really long, curl your toes, and make that morning sound. It always feels SO good, maybe even better than the actual sleeping itself…

2. Finding deals.


I’m a treasure hunter. When it comes to shopping, I love to dig. As a result- my favorite stores are always the Nordstrom Rack, TJ Maxx, and the Goodwills of the world. And when I do find a deal- I always feel so satisfied- like all my hard work has not gone to waste. Sure it’s fun to look around at a regular Nordstrom from time to time, but to me- looking at clothing neatly organized in color coordinated piles just isn’t as thrilling. 

3. Going to the airport.


I love airports. Not sure why- maybe it’s because I associate it with going on vacation. But there’s just something about an airports atmosphere that I love! People always seem so excited, and I love all the little shops.

4. Taking everything out of my purse and putting it all back in again.


I love to organize, more so than the average person. Thus, one of my favorite things to do is clean out my purse. I like to do so by taking everything out and cleaning each item one by one. For example, I’ll take my ipod out- I’ll clean the screen and wrap the headphones around it- put it back in, then I’ll move onto my wallet, I’ll take everything out of my wallet- and put each thing back into it one by one- getting rid of the junk. Then I move onto the cosmetic bag, take every item out one by one- get rid of what I don’t use anymore, then load it back in. I definitely do this almost too much. My purse is overly organized, that’s for sure.

5. Getting an A on a test after investing MANY hours into studying.


This is one of the most rewarding feelings I think I’ll ever know. Even if I end up having no social life for weeks, that A makes it worth every minute.

What are some things you always like?


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12 thoughts on “Things I always like.

  1. Mademoiselle Hautemess says:

    I LOVE finding deals…I, in fact, have dubbed myself “The Deal Huntress” because I love to find deals and then share the details with my friends. My favorite items are always the ones that I found super discounted or super unique.

    Another favorite: the first time climbing into bed with clean sheets…the smell of fabric softener and still slightly warm. Ahhh!

    • Kimberly says:

      I’m soooo with you on the clean sheets! I just love how pressed they feel! I actually hate flannel sheets- mostly because they just don’t feel as crisp as cotton ones!

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