Wild Weekend


I hope you all had a fabulous 4th of July!  This weekend for me was definitely fun, and definitely not the most relaxing! Lets see… on Friday le BF traveled up from Portland. We ended up going to the drive-in movie theater to see The Last Airbender and Shrek. FYI- The Last Airbender is a real snooze fest, and then I really did fall asleep during Shrek- but hey, you can’t blame me, since it was the second and started around midnight. But in my half-slumber, I heard bf laughing- a lot, and later he told me it was really good.

Saturday we headed up to Seattle to do some shopping around and go to the restaurant/bar Flowers that we had heard about many times on our favorite podcast, The Grapes of Rad. We had sandwiches, and it was yummy, then we headed over to Urban Outfitters, in which I purchased some dark green nail polish and a cute little sun hat that looks like this:


Except the straw part of the hat is a lovely tan color. But the band is still black, and the bow is smaller. But same idea, cute right? SO excited to wear this puppy.

Then we walked around for a very long time looking for the elusive H & M we thought was near, due to seeing random people’s shopping bags. It ended up being a really fun day of just doing whatever randomly came to mind, i.e. stepping into Starbucks to use their new free wifi! Woot woot.

Then on Sunday we basically were lazy all day, and napped the day away. It was really great,we had some Chinese food from Safeway and just enjoyed not having anything to do. Then that night we decided to hit up the movie theater for a 6 p.m. showing of Eclipse. Woo hoo! Team Edward/Jacob!! (I like Jacob in the movies better, but Edward better in the books- what’s a girl to do?!)

Then sadly, today the BF left, but not before we baby-sat Kingsty-Bear for a couple hours while everyone else went to see Eclipse.

Anyway, I’m sure this was thrilling to read. I really wish I had took pictures this weekend- but I just didn’t remember (I know, odd for me right?)

I hope you all had a good time and are refreshed for the 4 day work week!


PS! Don’t forget to vote for Kingsty-Bear as the most beautiful baby in the Seattle area!

You can do so by clicking HERE, or clicking the VOTE button to the right!



4 thoughts on “Wild Weekend

    • Kimberly says:

      haha i’m usually not so bad… but at the drive in it’s SO easy to fall asleep- in a warm car, with a blanket, at midnight. ahhh just sounds dreamy. 🙂

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