A boat-load of photos from the weekend!

This weekend I went down to Portland to visit le BF. We had a good time! On Saturday we headed to McMinneville to go to the Oregon Brews & BBQs. It was great! Basically there were tons of breweries there and we just walked around testing them while listening to live music and chowing down on some bbq food. Here are some photos from the day:

At the fest you paid your entrance fee- then had to buy tokens to test the beers. 1 token = $1. A 2 0z taste was 1 token.

BF and I with our complimentary beer mugs.

Our nifty paper bracelets that said we were there on Saturday, June 19, 2009. Oops!

My shoes got dirty. 😦

The row of toilets—– Gross….


The list of breweries, we crossed off the ones we had tried.

BF and I.

Then we decided to walk around town to walk off our buzz.

I took a picture through a fence hole into someone’s back yard.

The road back to Portland.

Then that night we headed down to downtown Portland and ate dinner at McMenamins then walked around downtown looking for other bars to go to.

We also witnessed a 13,000 person naked bike ride on Burnside. You can read about it here.


What did you do this weekend?

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