Sunday’s activities.

This weekend, as most of you all know, I went to Portland with the family to get my new lap top! Hurray! This is what I ended up getting- and I love it! I also ended up getting the second pair of shoes (except for in pink) from my most recent running shoes post, the asics. And I love those also! Sister and I took them for a spin yesterday.

Yesterday I also met up with JHall at Target, for some shopping, talking, walking around and then ultimately eating at Red Robin.

I got the chicken salad and she got a bbq chicken wrap. It was really good! And because they took so long to bring us our food- we got a free basket of fries. Hurray!

The most interesting part of our dining experience was definitely our waiter. He was overly excited and kind of looked like a younger version of the guy from this painting:


He kept on telling us to have fun. Example:

Waiter: “Hey guys!!!! Do you know what you want?”

Me: “Yeah… blah blah blah.”

Waiter: “OK! And you?!! (looking at Jessica)”

JHall: “Yeah… blah blah blah.”

Waiter: “I’LL HAVE THOSE RIGHT OUT!!! Remember! Keep having fun!”

Uh ok?? thanks…

Then because we were seated in an area where one side was booth the other side was chair (I was in the chair) he’d sit down next to Jess on the booth and put on a very concerned face when asking what type of fry sauce we would need.

Overall, he was just intense- and refilled our waters every 2 seconds. Maybe his service was just a little too good…

Then we headed over the the mall to just look around. Went to Best Buy so I could show Jess my new lap top- of which I proceeded to set my blog as the internet home page. Good times…

How was your weekend?


2 thoughts on “Sunday’s activities.

  1. Tiff says:

    I love, love Asics and yours are so cute! 🙂 I’m not a serious runner by any means, but they are the only kind I will work out in; my marathon running cousin swears by them as well.

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