New Shoes!

So I’ve pretty much decided that this weekend when I go to Portland, I pretty much just need to break down and buy some new running shoes. I’ve been wearing my current ones for two years now- and no I haven’t been running on them that long… but they’re getting pretty old and pitiful.

So I was browsing and I’m really interested in trying on these:

The Nike Air Max Torch +6

These had a really good rating, and lets face it- they’re really cute!

The Asics Gel-Enthrall

Loved the look of these! And lastly…

Nike Free Run+

These just look so light and airy.

What shoes are you currently running on? Link me! And let me know what you’ve found works best for you!


13 thoughts on “New Shoes!

  1. Just B. says:

    I’m desperate for a new pair as well. Right now I have nikes… Actually, I almost always end up with Nikes. I go for whichever pair is the lightest with the most cushion. And they always end up being the ugly ones. Oh well. At least my feet (and shins!) are happy πŸ™‚

  2. jaminicole says:

    I go with New Balance, in part because they’re made in the US (ie: fair labor practices!), they’re reasonably priced, and, overall, they’re a great shoe.

    Since I have foot issues, I refrain from running, but NB’s were recommended by both my podiatrist and the expert running shoe guys at the overpriced shoe store I went to.

  3. Michelle... says:

    I wear Brooks Adrenalines. My feet love them (have been buying the same model for at least 6 years or so now), and they’re not too bad looking, but I have flat/bad feet and bad knees, etc. so I really couldn’t care less about looks if they fit right. Overall I think Brooks makes excellent running shoes though, so definitely worth a try if you haven’t before.

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