Self tanning.

So- because I’m white as the day is long…  and I don’t want to get skin cancer in the future- I will never again lay out in the sun again, hoping to get the dark skin I should have been born with.

In fact! I will wear my SPF 70 every day! I promise! (And I have been!)

So… because the tools are out there to fake it… I have been putting on sunless tanner each morning, the gradual kind like this.

I even got the color medium, because I’m not kidding around- I wanna get tan. And let me tell you- it has worked out very well! I have a system that I think everyone should adopt. So basically I start from toe and work to head- if that makes sense. Then after I apply the sunless tanning lotion- I apply a regular lotion over it to rub it in. I have had no streaks!

Except for one. 😦 But it wasn’t because of my method! It’s because I’m too anxious to sit around and wait to dry. So in my elbow pits there’s a line from where I bent my arms to do things before the lotion was dry. Silly me!

Anyway, I think everyone should be sun safe this summer! And why not when there are so many great products out there!

And with the right method you just might look like this:


instead of this:


Good luck! 🙂

12 thoughts on “Self tanning.

  1. jaminicole says:

    I have the worst patience for that stuff, but it’s seriously time for me to start with it. I look ridiculously white.

  2. Jessica - Lovely Undergrad says:

    Me, too!

    I’m fair skinned and I just can’t tan. If I’m out in the sun, I ended up burning. Then it fades back to white. Heh.

    But I’m using that same Jergen’s lotion (only in the light shade). Maybe I will get up the nerve to use the medium…


  3. debbie says:

    i have the jergens also and i have the fair one. i end up looking dark to me but that could be because i am used to being casper. i lotion up first then the tanner, then lotion again. and i exfoliate before also.

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