Recently I was looking around on Etsy and found a shop I absolutely ADORED.

The shop is Nicole Lincoln Designs and her work is absolutely beautiful!

Here are some the pieces I love specifically:

Turquoise and Gold Necklace

Uvarovite Necklace

Rose Amethyst Necklace

Not only are her pieces beautiful but she has a mind for charities…. on her shop it says:

“Now for a serious note on charity: I am a romantic at heart. In my dreams I am an illustrious super hero who brings water, trees and education to Africa, rebuilds lost homes in New Orleans, and provides shelter for abused women and children in one fell swoop. When I awake, however, my cape is gone. After several of these dreams, I began to ask myself what I could do to earn a cape of my very own in real life. Since Iā€™m currently not in a monetary position to save the globe, I am taking the initiative to donate jewelry to organizations that can. Here is where you can help. This year Iā€™m going to offer my work to many different organizations, but I will be donating even more should you decide to join me in my endeavors. For every 25 pieces that I sell on Etsy, I will donate a necklace to domestic and international charities to help raise badly needed funds.”

How lovely is that!?

Be sure to take a look at her gorgeous shop!


3 thoughts on “Jewelry!

  1. stephah says:

    I love her jewelry too, and have bought at least half a dozen pieces over the last 5 years. Unfortunately, however, they look best unworn. The gold tone quickly loses it’s shine and color, turning the jewelry a muddy grey metal color. I’ve asked about it at every festival where she was selling, and been told I’m the only person this happens too. (Maybe the only person who comes back to tell her?) nevertheless I end up walking away with a new purchase because I am again seduced by the charm of the pristine pieces! I’ve since learned that the materials are not great quality, and are sold by the foot at most jewelry supply shops. Buyer beware…. Just saying. šŸ˜¦

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