A checklist:

There are officially 20 days until I am HOME for the entire summer! I absolutely can’t wait, but before all of the fun I’ll be having relaxing my summer away here are the things I need to accomplish:

1. Goals and Objectives Assignment.

2. Sally Extra Credit. (I can never remember the name of my classes- they all blur together, so I call them by the professor’s name.)

3. Autism Presentation.

4. Assignment #5 for Sally.

5. Software Notebook.

6. Ella Quiz. (Speech Sound Disorder).

7. Exam #5 for Speech Hearing Sciences.

8. 2 Speech Reception Batteries Assignment.

9. Treatment Materials Fair?? We haven’t talked about this one, but it’s in my planner.

10. Lab final.

11. Final Exam- Language Impairment.

12. Final Exam- Clinical Apprenticeship.

13. Final Exam- Audiometry.

14. Final Exam- Speech Sound Disorder.

THAT’S IT! YES! I’m sooo excited. Only 14 things… 20 days… it’ll fly!

On a different note, I’m heading home this upcoming weekend, to start moving some stuff home as well as see my mom for her birthday!

Today I’m taking the practice GRE, and I’d really rather just be sleeping, or cleaning my room. But… hopefully it’ll go by fast, and then I can come home and relax the day away.

What are your plans for the rest of the weekend?


2 thoughts on “A checklist:

  1. Alanna says:

    I have 2 weeks worth of English reading to catch up on =( And have to write an analysis on each chapter…
    You semester people get out SO EARLY! I just finished week THREE of my quarter.
    Your classes sound so much more interesting than my English & Math.

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