Technical Issues.

So I have an HP D6000 series… and those of you who know what those are… know they’re really crappy.

My specific year and series was notorious for the wireless card not working, or blowing out. Literally, if you google HP D6000 that’s all everyone is talking about.

Now, to be fair, I have had my computer since the summer before my freshman year, however, for how much you spend- they really should last long!

Anyway, I’ve always been good to my computer, treated her well… but today was just not a good day for my computer’s life. First of all, the wireless card went out, so being that I’m a student and NEED internet, I quickly ran to walmart and got a silly usb wireless adapter. Which is nice that that’s an option, however, it’s like 3 inches of wobbly-ness coming out the side of my usb port. It’s actually kind of annoying, not going to lie.

Then I start realizing that my battery keeps falling out.

Seriously, both of these things happened in one day.

I think my poor baby is in the last stages of her life.

So… tonight I’ll go to sleep dreaming of this:


So today when I was talking to my mom I told her how my computer was dying a slow death and she responded with “Life’s tough, maybe we’ll have to get you a new one for your birthday.”

My birthday is in June and I’m praying to the God’s above that they’ll get me this pretty! I’ll even pay some! Please oh please.

Also, apparently I can get a $100 discount for being a student…. and I’m really really hoping my parents will think about it… Lets all make a wish for me! πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “Technical Issues.

  1. Andrew Ferguson says:

    There is an Apple student discount and I highly recommend you take advantage of it. You can figure out what the actual price with your discount will be by visiting the Higher Ed store at

    And while you save $100 on the base price, you can save more money on some of the upgrades too. At the very least, I’d recommend getting the AppleCare Protection Plan (which you save 66 additional bones on). You also might consider upgrading your RAM.

  2. Andrew Ferguson says:

    You’re on your own there. Although, I think offering to match what they pay at 1:1 (or some other ratio) is a great place to start and indicates you are committed to getting a new computer because you actually need one, not because you want one. You also might walk them through the different options that you considered for a replacement and explain to them why this is the best option. This could include pricing out the system as you would order it and go through it point by point with them.

    The other thing I forgot to add is that if you wait until about August, Apple has a special Back to School deal where you not only get the educational discount, but you also get a free iPod or printer.

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