4 weeks until summer break!

And boy am I excited… as I talk about quite often, school pretty much consumes my life.

I’ve decided to pump me up, I’m going to list four things I’m very excited about for summer, since there’s four weeks left!

1. Family time! Yay! I get to see my family every day! Including Sister and stinky-Kingsty of course!

Look how cute my big boy is while having naked baby time? I just want to kiss his Buddha belly all over! And, I think he takes after Auntie with the arm by his head while sleeping, that’s a total me move.

2. Seeing le BF nearly every weekend! Yay! Boyfriend will be working in Portland and we couldn’t be more excited!

Boyfriend and I.

3. So excited for warm weather! Lately it’s been snowing… in April. I don’t really approve of this. But I’m soooo excited to wear dresses again, it will be so refreshing!

Holga of me in a dress. 🙂

4. I can’t wait to go out doors and finally take photos again!

Polaroid I took last summer.

What are you excited for this summer?


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