If you must…

Today I want to talk to you all about ugly fashion choices. Trends that I’m not a fan of… and that you shouldn’t be either… but if you must, I want there to be other options… cuter ones… ones that make people like me not cringe.

So here goes:

If you must follow the strappy witch shoe trend such as this:


Then do it this way:


Why they’re better: Um… I think it’s self explanatory! But if you’re really curious… I think the wedge in the first pair only adds to the creepy witch esque theme, also the nude tone is much more toned down rather than a bold black pair. Not to mention the second pair is wayyyy cheaper, and who wants to spend a lot of money on a trend that you may not wear that long.

If you must get tone up shoes like these:


Then ย do it this way:


Why they’re better: Once again, I think you’ll automatically see a more aesthetically pleasing shoe on the bottom… also the Reebok Zigs come in a million colors so you can get really specific about what you want exactly. Also they’re the same price! And come on… sketchers vs. reebok, I think we all know who wins.

So there you have it, my opinions on the two latest shoe trends. ๐Ÿ™‚


10 thoughts on “If you must…

  1. debbie says:

    the black strappy things are ugly! they look like a dominatrix should be sporting them. the reeboks are sorta cute, but i am not really into wearing shoes that actually have backs to them, lol.

  2. Ryan says:

    Reebok, RBK, whatever. Cindy Crosby, err Sidney Crosby is a RBK guy, so that means I pretty much avoid anything they sell ๐Ÿ™‚

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