Things I have to say.

1. First of all, thanks to my dear old friend Mother Nature, I won’t be going home for Easter this weekend after all. There is going to be a huge storm, and I think she’s secretly sending me a message, and that message reads: “What are you thinking? Home? You have no time for that missy! Homework is your life!” I haven’t decided yet if it’s sad that I kind of agree with her at this point too. But it was hard to see everyone leaving tonight to head to the west side before the “big storm” hits.  I was quite grumpy about the situation, matter of fact.

2. I’ve been watching Cashmere Mafia for about 6 hours… yes that means I have sat in my bed and watched 6 episodes of Cashmere Mafia on Netflix. And no, I’m not ashamed. I had never seen the show, but decided I needed something to entertain myself and found it on the internets. And can I just say, I think Miranda Otto is one of the most beautiful women alive? Also, I’m slightly disappointed this show was only on for one season, I wonder why it never caught on…

3. Last night my friend Alyssa and I went to good ol’ Applebees for some much needed stress dessert. After which we headed to Hastings because while eating our fatty foods we discussed Bethenny Frankel of the Real Housewives of New York and her book she wrote, Naturally Thin, and after hearing about it from Alyssa, I decided I needed to purchase said book. Sadly, the book was wayyy way way way overpriced… but we decided to look around the store anyway and I found this for an awesome price:

Stolen Innocence by Elissa Wall.

Those of you who know me well know of my slight obsession for Mormon culture, especially Fundamentalist Mormon culture. In the past I have read Under The Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer and Escape by Carolyn Jessop. So of course I had to add this one to the list! I started the first two chapters last night, and so far it’s pretty amazing… just like the others. Oh, and don’t worry, I ordered Bethenny’s book of Amazon for 4 bones!

4. I have another slight obsession, and that’s watching Lorraine Stanick’s “Day in The Life” Youtube videos on her “The Current Boobies” channel. Literally click the booby link.. you won’t regret it. And trust me, you’ll look forward to the new one each day. I’ve even started referring to her as “Lorraine” to my friends in conversation. Such as, “oh yeah, Lorraine said something about that too in her video!” Yeah… it’s that sad.

5. Most of you know how much I love shoes… and aren’t these adorable???

(Don’t Step On My Heart Heel)

I love love love love platforms! And I think they’d go well with the rest of my shoes… they could all be happy friends in their laundry bin (what I keep them in).

6. I like linking… I don’t know if you’ve noticed in this post, but I’ve linked up a storm. So yeah… hope that’s not too annoying.

Anyway, I wish you all happy Friday’s and I hope you find something very fun to do!

6 thoughts on “Things I have to say.

  1. emilie18 says:

    Oh man I have a friend who is also really interested in polygamous sects. I’ll have to refer her to the books. I’m kind of getting sucked in too! (not to liking it but by being grossly fascinated)

    • Kimberly says:

      haha it’s just so neat learning about a completely different lifestyle that’s so close to us geographically you know?? It’s not like this is in Africa or something.

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