Things I love right now.

I know it’s been a while… and I have no excuse. I haven’t been busy… I haven’t been stressed from school… I’ve just had some writer’s block.

However, I was thinking about all the things I love lately, and I decided to blog about it! 🙂

SO here goes!

1. The Eco Tools Bronzer Brush.

This brush feels amazing! Not only is is such high quality, but it’s cheap! And it feels soo nice on the skin. Roommate and I did a blind test, we compared her MAC kabuki to this one and they felt nearly the same. So yes, great value! And I highly suggest it!

2. Nailtiques Color Lacquer- in Havana.

My mom LOVES the Nailtiques Formula 2 polish and searches high and low for it. So when I noticed it arriving at our local Shopko I jumped on it, and then I found out they were coming out with color! I am so excited about this, because I’m a dark polish junky, and even with a base coat, my nails are toast after wearing a dark plum. Sadly, this photo isn’t the exact color I got, I got Havana for myself. But I definitely suggest looking into them, I applied it tonight, so I can’t tell you about it’s staying power, but I can tell you it applies nicely and looks gorgeous after only two coats.

3. Alba Shave Cream- in Papaya Mango.

I got this at walmart the other day merely because it was on sale, and thought hey why not? I don’t usually use shave cream at all… or if I feel I need something I’ll just use conditioner, but I am seriously loving this stuff, not only does it help for a really close shave but it smells so delightful. I totally suggest it!

4. Camelbak Better Bottle- in Black.

I had been using Sigg water bottles for quite some time now, but I was so tired of how heavy the my Sigg felt after it was full of water, so I decided to look into Camelbak and I’m SO glad I did. Because of this little baby, I’ve been drinking tons more water, and it’s so fun with the cute little straw!

5. Slatkin & Co Three-Wick Candle- In Pineapple Mango.

I picked up this candle a while ago at Bath and Body Works when they were having their 2/20$ deal on three-wick Slatkin candles. The main reason I picked this one was because sister had got it last year, and I loved the smell so much, plus it reminds me of home. I highly recommend this!

6. And lastly… the New Moon Soundtrack.

Haha please don’t judge on this one… it’s actually quite good… I had forgot about it until I redboxed New Moon the other day and thought to myself, I need that CD!

So there you have it! My 6 favorite things at this moment, what are some of yours??


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