Happy March!

And this is a special addition, I’ve linked most of the songs to youtube videos! Enjoy!

1. “Eileen”- The Hush Sound

2. “Gamble Everything For Love”- Ben Lee

3. “Your Ex-Lover is Dead”- Stars

4. “Harness and Wheel”- The Kingsbury Manx

5. “Moshi Moshi” Jesse Lacey

6. “Dance Dance”- Doug

7. “Cigarette Lighter Love Song”- Butch Walker

8. “Keep Breathing”- Ingrid Michaelson

9. “Salty Eyes”- The Matches

10. “Do you remember?”- Jack Johnson

11. “Lovely Tonight”- Joshua Radin

12. “Shy That Way”- Tristan Prettyman

13. “White Daisy Passing”- Rocky Votolato

14. “Stay Away”- The Honorary Title

15. “Hold Me Down”- Motion City Soundtrack

16. “Famous For Fire”- Adaline

17. “Stand Still, Look Pretty”- The Wreckers

18. “My Beautiful Rescue”- This Providence

19. “Sowing Season/Untitled”- Jesse Lacey (LOVE this youtube video, have it favorited on chrome.)

20. “Anonanimal”- Andrew Bird

I realize some of these songs I’ve listed before, but this is what I’ve been listening to the past month, and that is after- what this is all about. 🙂


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