Valentines Day Goodies!

I’ve never been the biggest fan of Valentines day… I”m not really sure why, maybe because it feels like unnecessary stress to find the perfect gift for your loved one??

Either way… these are the cutest gift ideas via Fred Flare, who is also offering FREE SHIPPING! So what are you waiting for??

Secret Love Letters Invisible Ink Writing Set- $10

I love this idea! A pen for each person to write secret love letters… and to reveal the letter? Each pen cap comes with a black light to uncover the hidden messages! How adorable right?? I remember doing something similar to this with my Grandpa when I was younger, but it involved lemon juice, and of course burning the edges to make the letter look old. (Although I might be remembering this completely wrong… I was really little. Help me out Sister, did this really happen?? Haha.)

Polaroid Notes- $14.95

You all know I have a love for Polaroids, and I think this is such a cute idea. All of these note cards come with dreamy Polaroid images. I’m sure you could find one to suit each one of your Valentines! Here are some of the example images:


Fondue for Two- $24.00

This is adorable… and how romantic is fondue?? Very!

Anyway you decide to go with Valentines gifts or plans just make sure to have a good time, and let the one you love know just how much you love them!

Also, stay tuned I’m going to post one of my favorite treat recipes this weekend for peanut butter balls.

This is a great choice for all you girls to make your man!

Hope you all had a good week!


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