SO frustrated.

Ever have one of those days?? Yeah well today is one of them for me.

A bunch of stuff was stressful and went wrong, then I got a book in the mail today that I ordered off Amazon and they sent me the wrong one!! and I needed it… tomorrow! UGH.

Enough said, be back later.


***Update: Ok… after some calming down, things are actually going okay now. I finished my homework (except for some readings I’ll do in between classes tomorrow), and even ordered my dad a birthday present. My headache is gone, and all is well in the world. Well except for I still need that book, but oh well, I sent the amazon seller an email, and they have had not only a lot of buyers, but a LOT of positive reviews. Therefore, I think the odds of getting my money back/getting the right book are in my favor, well lets hope! 🙂

Hope you all are doing well!


2 thoughts on “SO frustrated.

  1. jrl says:

    yup, bad days happen. not much else to say. (well, i guess there are some appropriately inappropriate expletives that may apply, but i suspect we’re in mixed company.)

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