It’s February!

…Well almost…

And since I’ve been MIA, Here it is people! (5 days early!)

1. Perfect In My Mind- Gold Motel

2. Let My Love Open The Door- Sondre Lerche

3. Used and Abused- Danger Radio

4. So Sorry- Feist

5. Fools In Love- Inara George

6. You Are What You Love- Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins (how could I resist this one for the month of Valentine’s day?)

7. You’re Trailing Yourself- Kevin Devine

8. Chinese- Lily Allen

9. You Are Free- Mates of State

10. Glory Box- Portishead

11. Set Fire To The Third Bar- Snow Patrol

12. Make You Smile- (+44)

13. Lovefool- The Cardigans

14. O Valencia!- The Decemberists (Can’t remember if I’ve used this song before, regardless, it’s worth another look!)

15. Where We Went Wrong- The Hush Sound (My favorite part starts at 1:40)

16. ABC- The Pipettes

17. Shy That Way- Tristan Prettyman

18. Going Away To College- Blink 182

19. Soco Amaretto Lime- Brand New

20. Hands Down- Dashboard Confessionals (Here’s a classic! It’ll take everyone back.)

Yeah, this is kind a random list, but hey, random is good right??

Everyone have a magical day!


3 thoughts on “It’s February!

  1. thebluecan says:

    I recognized five artists on your list. 🙂 I took your cue and fired up 20 random songs on iTunes and posted the results…

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